Yoga Department

Dr. D. Y. Patil, Founder Chancellor, DY Patil Deemed to be University,Navi Mumbai

  • Superiority of any nation is established not by its military prowess but by its economic power and prosperity, which in turn is fueled by knowledge creation.
  • Due to globalization, students now seek education from reputed institutions to enhance their position in this highly competitive world. This University offers education in varied areas of health sciences, to mould minds to perform to the best of their ability, one needs to offer the very best in a stimulating environment and I am sure your journey at the University will be an enlightening and enriching one.
  • Yoga is the classical system of medicine bringing to relief to suffering humanity since civilization began. It has caught attention world-wide through its extra-ordinary approach of healing and in-fact can cure a number of disease ranging from minor to major aliments like cancer, cardiac disorder etc. Ayurveda courses are another milestone in health science where the patient shall maintain health through ‘Art of being.’

Dr. Vijay Patil, President, DY Patil University, President –DY Patil Sports Academy

  • Over the years, the DY Patil Group, with its commitment and dedication, has earned a reputation of being a provider of quality education in areas of professional significance. With the increasing number of talented students who join this University each year, we look forward to becoming a world-class university and creating a distinctive position for ourselves. It is our Founder Chancellor’s dream to see the youth steer this nation on the path of progress by using the power of knowledge as their strongest tool. It is time that students of today take it upon themselves to see the words of our elders translated into action. It is our responsibility as educated citizens of India to spread the lightof knowledge.
  • My best wishes go your way as you embark on this wonderful learning experience at the DY Patil University.
  • India has produced a respectable health care system. Yoga & Ayurveda which encompasses the entire spectrum of human health and contributes to the positiveness of an individual. A healthy individual can always build a better nation. Also yoga & ayurved are commercially in demand and can make a dent in international market, for the cure of ailments to which even modern system has no answer.
  • Yoga is also the important treasure of Indus valley civilization.our great Saints have imparted this celestial wisdom of Yoga for the maintenance of good health as well as for the overall personality grooming. We are glad to introduce this Department not only for patients but also for all.

Shri. Shiv Kumar Mishra, Head of the Yoga Department

  • From two decades Shiv Kumar an accomplished yoga teacher and practitioner, he has personally trained Mr. Vijay Patil and many other noted industrialists, journalists and film and sports personalities. He is also the choreographer of “Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga DVD”.
  • With the aim of curing more and more people mentally, physically and spiritually through Yoga, Shiv Kumar takes upon the noble responsibility of raising capable and dedicated Yoga teachers who in turn will serve mankind by helping them stay healthy and happy.Initiated by Shri Mr. Vijay. Patil, President, DY Patil University
    Shiv Kumar Mishra is the Managing Director of Shiv Holistic Yoga Pvt. Ltd., and is also the Managing Trustee of Shiv Holistic Yoga Education Trust which is serving society as a non profitable institution for the betterment of yoga education.
  • Believing in the power and potential of Youth, Mr. Vijay Patil understands that the youth is constantly looking for better opportunities. Knowing that today’s generation is more inclined towards being fitter and healthier, he wanted to provide a combination of both. Being a person who does Yoga daily, he understands how Yoga is the perfect cure for mind, body and soul. With the introduction of “Certified Course in Yoga”, he wants to extend a platform for all those aspirants who wish to build their career in this upcoming field.

THE UNIVERSITY, A Knowledge Centre Par Excellence

  • When the aim is to ensure that the lamp of education glows bright, the results are bur self-evident: The DY Patil Group’s forays into education and healthcare extend back to over two decades and today stand as benchmarks that others aspire to emulate. The University houses in its ambit some of the leading institutes of higher learning and has a culture of commitment.
  • Transparency and teamwork. The University has established a large number of institutes offering Undergraduate and Post Graduate education in a plethora of sectors ranging from Medicine, Dentistry, Ayurved, Physiotherapy, and Occupational Therapy to Management, Biotechnology, Engineering, Law, Architecture, Hotel Management, Catering, & Tourism Studies and Education & Research. The hallmark of this continuing success is the reputation that the University has, of being knowledge centre that generates and supports exceptional levels of opportunity and initiative.
  • The University Grants Commission accorded the DY Patil Deemed University status among few nationally selected institutions in 2002. On 13th September 2006, vide notification No-F-6-1(II) (CPP-I) the UGC declared Deemed to be University as University established under section 3 of the UGC act of 1956. The University aims to create individuals who think, explore and apply their will-honed minds to difficult, practical problems and churn out truly lateral solutions. University also Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade with CGPA of 3.35 on four points Scale.


  • We now explore further in the field of Yoga by creating a special Department of Yoga for aspirants. We provide the best education in the field of Yogic Science with our team of experts comprising of Doctor’s and Teachers qualified and well experienced in the field of Yoga. Yoga as, we know is old science of healthy living. The eight folded path of yoga brings an overall personality change and also makes one focused.
  • In each and every aspect of life stress plays an important role. Some type of manageable stress is necessary but exceeding the limit will cause various disordes which can be fatal. Hence, to cope up with the stress yoga is a vital remedy. Not only that yoga is the essential pathy of this century.