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Placement cell

As a youngster most of the students who walk into the campus aspire and wish for their dream job and salary but the practical truth is that the job market is very challenging and is full of roller coaster ride and not all students embark on a well-paid potential job. They need to be guided, coached, counselled so that they create a path for themselves and their dreams.


This is the place where the placement cell of our Institute plays a major role. The placement cell liaisons between the corporate and the students to keep the dreams and aspirations of most of the students working. The placement cell makes the entire journey of attaining their dreams a better experience for the students. The training and placement engagements enable the student to move out from his or her comfort zone and to start grooming to make a path for the robust corporate goal and path.

Why is a placement cell important?


There is a gamut of companies lined up in the market with different job profiles and salary ranges but all companies hire all is a question which is better solved by the Institutional Training and placement team. The institutional training and placement team channelise their efforts to enable the students to identify their knowledge, skills and build the right attitude. They enable the student to create their matrices to make them fit for the relevant profile and also to compete in the market space. With proper placement and training, students learn how to put forth their knowledge and abilities in the right way to fetch the best jobs. Yet, it takes the right qualifications and effort to put in beforehand and afterward to sustain and grow in the career space.

The most and important objective of the Placement cell is to get all the students placed through their campus placement drive process to do so the Institutional placement team tries to improve and work on these


1. Improved communication skills of the student

2. Build their resumes as per the standards of the industry requirement

3. Harness their soft & technical skills with hands on sessions

4. Focus on present certifications required with respect to each specialisation

5. Industry -Academic sessions with our Alumni and specialist of Industry


The placement cells recognize the areas of training and methods with respect to the requirements of the industry and thus formulate a sequence of training activities to meet the requirements for campus placement.


The placement cell of the college acts as an outstanding platform to increase their industry knowledge via live projects and internships. Moreover, an increase in their knowledge about the industry allows them to improve their employability skills in all aspects of the sector and make informed decisions about their future career choices, in short, get job-ready and a good head start for the students in their career pursuit.


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