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    Community Activities


    The project, chaired by Rtr. SeemantiniShekdar and Rtr. Hrithik Bokde, was a patriotic trilingual singing competition organised by the Rotaract Club of D.Y.Patil University School of Management (RC-DYPUSM) in collaboration with Sumannalay Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation which aimed at instilling the feeling of patriotism in the participants and creating a vibe of the Independence Day Celebrations amidst this pandemic situation on an online platform.



    Teachers’ Day holds utmost importance worldwide but as an Institutional Club, the day is even closer to our hearts. An Ode to Teachers was an initiative chaired by Rtr. Apoorva Dixit where the club members showed their deepest gratitude to our respected teachers who have contributed immensely in shaping our mindsets in the right direction.



    Love You Zindagi conducted in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of RVCE College (Bengaluru) was chaired by Rtr. SeemantiniShekdar. The project aimed at creating awareness about mental health and the disorders related to it. The lockdown and Covid-19 situation has created a large impact on the mental health of many people knowingly or unknowingly and so this project was the need of the hour. Various posts containing information about different disorders were posted from RCDYPUSM’s Social Media Handles regularly for about a week making people aware of the mental illnesses and its factors. A few live sessions with Doctors were also conducted as a part of this event.


    As another step towards easing the mental state of people, RCDYPUSM had also conducted a project named Niramay 2.0. Chaired by Rtr. Simran Kaur, the project was planned with a motive of creating awareness about the mental health amongst the people. Depression and other mental health problems have been affecting a large part of our population in the recent years and have drastically increased in the pandemic. The speaker for our session, Ms. Jeevan Kharbanda addressed the issues related to mental health and made the participants aware about the need of good mental health. Rotaract Club of NSIT Regency joined hands with us for this event.



    Chaired by Rtr. Kshitij Chakraborty and Rtr. Shreya Sawant, this project aimed at providing stray dogs with the rabies vaccine for protection against the disease and also to provide them with reflective collars to reduce the risk of road accidents.



    The project was carried out by RCDYPUSM in collaboration with our parent Rotary, the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside and Bisleri International. Chaired by Rtr. SeemantiniShekdar, the project aimed at collecting plastic and recycling it to create a cleaner and greener environment to live in. A total of 94 kgs of plastic was collected through this drive.





    As a part of the PIS initiative, a webinar was conducted in collaboration with our parent Rotary – the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside and the Inner Wheel Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside to make people understand what substance abuse means, the symptoms and repercussions of substance abuse and the factors that trigger it.


    As another step towards creating a drug addict free society, RCDYPUSM in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Seaside and 2 other clubs has taken up the initiative of Youth Against Addiction. Having at least one activity and session per month, the initiative aims to bring about a change in the society.  Both these events were chaired by Rtr. SeemantiniShekdar.


    • E-RYLA

    The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive leadership experience organized by Rotary clubs along with the Rotaract clubs where young individuals develop their skills as a leader while having fun and making connections.

    RCDYPUSM conducted an E-RYLA this year along with its parent Rotary – Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai Bayside. Another Rotary and 2 other Rotaract Clubs collaborated with RCDYPUSM for this event.  We had some immensely experienced Rotarians, Rotaractors and Alumni on board for the event. The RYLA commenced on a soulful note with a short Yoga session followed by a session by Dr. RenuDudhmande where she explained the impact of Covid on our health and spoke about the importance and necessity of post Covid rehabilitation.  Following this was a session by Rtn. Satish Mane where he gave the audience an important mantra on how to become successful and happy. PDRR Rtn. Kaustav Ghosh conducted a Case Study session with the participants on the need of business sensitivity and empathy in the current times. Rtn. Jaiprakash Kabra gave the participants important insights on factors for personal and professional growth and success “HUM HONGE KAMYAAB”. Lastly, we had a panel discussion on Rotary-Rotaract Relationships wherein the panellists-DGN Rtn. Kailash Jethani, DRRE Rtn. Rtr. RaheshDonny,  PDRRRtn. Rtr. Shardul Gavaskar and Mr. Murali Subramanian gave their valuable opinions on how to better the relations.


    • NEXT-Think Tank

    NEXT- Think Tank is a club level version of the District initiative NEXT, under the avenue of Professional Development, wherein speakers from various walks of life come on one stage and share their experiences and journeys with the audience.

    Chaired by Rtr. Shruti Jain and Rtr. Kshitij Chakraborty, RC-DYPUSM conducted its first NEXT-Think Tank in collaboration with 3 other Rotaract Clubs. We had an array of impressive speakers like Mr. Pandurang Taware-father of agri tourism in India, Mr. Aaditya Ulhas Barve-a Music Director, Producer and Composer, Mr. Manthan Gattani-an entrepreneur & food blogger and Mr. Zaid Khan-an expert in fitness and health, who have vast knowledge in their respective fields. The aim of conducting the NEXT-Think Tank was to motivate people to do better in any situation and conquer the problems they face.


    • Apart from these, the club also launched its merchandise this year owing to the continuous efforts of the PRM Directors, Rtr. Tejas Venkatesh and Rtr. Gauri Shirsat. The merchandise consists of the Club Handbook and T-shirts which will help in creating a brand image for the club. The website of the club would also be launched soon.


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