School of education

D Y Patil University – School of Education was established in the year 2004 with the vision of providing quality education to the students aspiring to be Education Professionals. The School of Education (SOE) at the D Y Patil University, Navi Mumbai has quickly taken its place as one of the most respected schools of education and reform through research and teaching. Located in the picturesque node of the D Y Patil University, the School is engaged in a variety of research and development activities that are making lasting improvements in student achievement – from early childhood to the adult learner.  Breaking the chain of the traditional classroom method of teaching, we approach our work with an entrepreneurial spirit and a fundamental desire to work in collaborative ways with school systems, traditional and non-traditional education stakeholders, government agencies, and colleagues throughout the D Y Patil University Community. We are committed to better understanding the mechanics of learning and creating new environments to maximize learning.