The School of Education was established in June 2004 as D Y Patil University’s School for developing professionals for the field of education. In that role the School runs B.Ed. and M. A. Education programmes to meet the human resource needs of the educational institutions.

Vision of the school


School of Education will define the Indian society with educated and responsible citizens who will impact national and global development in all respects.

Mission of the School

To provide to the nation, educational professionals who are socially sensitive, committed to the profession and will always strive to impact students’ lives in a better way. School of Education will  achieve this through educational excellence, innovative approaches and relevant research.

Aims and Objectives of the School of Education

The B.Ed. and M.A.   (Education)   program   aim   at   producing   a   team   of   individuals knowledgeable in the field of education and its various dimensions and who will be the torch bearers for the community.
  • To achieve this aim, the School of Education will –
  • Provide conducive environment for all academic processes with a view to continuous development.
  • Promote the culture of research at the institutional as well as individual level.
  • Encourage participative culture among faculty, students and educational professionals from different institutions by networking.
  • Provide state of the art technology for effective academic activities.
  • Provide educational leadership to the schools and society.
  • Encourage professional development of faculty.
  • Hold seminars, workshops and conferences.