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Tips to secure your cyber world by Prof. Sneha Gawas

  Tips to secure your cyber world The innovation business is entering a wonderful period of worldwide development, which will be driven by the East for the following 40 to 50 years, basically India and China. India is the main open market with over

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Chemical Leavening Agents by Chef, Ashish Shimpi

  Chemical Leavening Agents The agent, which incorporates yeast, a substance that causes the mass to increase and strikes the gases within the compound, produces baked goods with a lung structure. Such substances include air, smoke, yeast, baking po

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Lost Recipes of Rich Food Heritage

When we talk about the rich culture & traditions of India. We have to go way back to 40-50 years into history. We have so many delicacies & rich local native cuisines which were prepared by villagers using local ingredients. Every state &

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Cruising – An Inside of an Unforgettable Experience

  The cruise industry has gone through significant changes, as a tourism and leisure industry that offers affordable vacation options and seems to grow every year. The Ships were used as a mode of transport, to cross seas, oceans, and water bodies i

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The world of Viennoiserie by Chef. Shilpa Vanire

  The world of Viennoiserie Viennoiserie is a type of bread that originated in Vienna, where it was first made exclusively for the monarchy. The butter, sugar, and eggs that transformed lean dough into sweet pastries could only be afforded by the po

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Food allergies and substitutes by Chef Priya

  Food allergies and substitutes It’s an annoying thing when you have a food allergy to common food items. The life of people with food allergies is real and unimaginable. It is a sight to see all your friends are having a tempting spread and you

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