Message From Director

Mrs.Vandana Mishra Chaturvedi
Director, School of Hospitality and Tourism

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”-Nelson Mandela
DY. Patil has been a name to reckon with in the education industry since the establishment of the D.Y. Patil Group in 1984. Since then we have been shouldering the responsibility of recognizing the latent talent in youngsters, nurturing it, and sculpting it to perfection, so that they go out in the world as leaders ready to carve a niche for themselves in this competitive world.
With a boom in the Hospitality and Tourism industry on the global front, we decided to open the Hospitality Department in the year 1992. The fact that every year the number of enrolments in the first year have been increasing speaks volumes not only about this growing industry but also about our success rate. We ensure that we keep the interests of all stakeholders in the global scenario at heart and work with that perspective as we are aware that educationists have a profound impact not only on an individual but on the world in general.

Our talented faculty members create an environment conducive to learning where the students are encouraged to satiate their childlike curiosities. We have a world-class pedagogy that beliefs more inactive than passive learning. Therefore there is a perfect balance between practical and theoretical learning. Constantly staying in touch with the corporate world, which is the need of this industry, enables us to keep abreast with the latest trends in the global scenario, thus enabling us to customize our education pattern. This, along with the hands-on training and experience that the students receive eventually helps them in getting placements with the best organizations globally.

We welcome you with open arms to be a part of our D.Y. Patil fraternity.