Mrs. Shivani Vijay Patil
Trustee (First Lady & Patron)
DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai.

Learning is not the filling of pail, but the kindling of the flame.

Our Institution constantly and increasingly strives for all-round development of our students, staff and society at large. The entrepreneurship innovation and zestful desire to learn and grow is exemplified and visually amplified in the School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies.

Hospitality education is carefully nurtured in the environment of our University. It stands out as an epitome of dedicated learning, qualitative education and high ambition for attaining excellence. The School of Hospitality and Tourism studies has definitely provided a multi faceted exposure to the students in various five star hotels, cruise lines, airlines in India and abroad.

We take pride in introducing and congratulating the team that has set a benchmark in the field of continuing Hospitality education. This advocates the spirit of our Institution and defines our true virtue.

I wish the entire team a great success and our students a valuable hospitality education.