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Research is a pursuit integral to progress in any society. Its creative potential is immense and has been instrumental in bringing about constructive change in societies in innumerable ways. Research, as an organised and systematic, exercise has been contributing to bring humanity closer to relevant knowledge that meaningfully benefits the society. D.Y.Patil Deemed To Be University, as a premier institute of higher learning, is committed to cultivating a meaningful research environment and expanding its benefit to society. The University has institutionalised a Research Committee to specifically focus on the area of research. The University Research Committee is the faculty’s voice to the research administration. The committee evaluates and advises on research-related issues and helps to identify emerging areas of interest or concern. Standard research activities generate new knowledge and skills, besides update existing ones. We can bring a shift in the paradigm from teacher-fuelled learning to students-initiated research and book based learning, to students creating their own meaning.

Composition of the

Sr. No. Name Designation Contact Number Email ID
1Atul DeshmukhResearch Director9821769405atul.deshmukh@dypatil.edu
2Dr. Rakesh SomaniInnovation & Incubation Centre9833771384rakesh.somani@dypatil.edu
3Dr. M. D. PatilInnovation & Incubation Centre9987527625mukesh.patil@dypatil.edu
4Dr. Nitin SippySenior Administrator9987090768nitin.sippy@dypatil.edu
5Dr. Mahesh HaritMember9322217607maheshkumar.harit@dypatil.edu
6Dr. Treville PerieraMember9821281458treville.pereira@dypatil.edu

Vision, Mission, Goals & Objectives


The Captainship of graduate studies and research will achieve worldwide recognition of excellence for D.Y.Patil Deemed To Be University’s graduate programs, research and scholarly work by providing strategic leadership and comprehensive support to faculty and graduate students.


The Captainship of Graduate Studies and Research is committed to promoting excellence in graduate studies and research through its well-defined policies. Provide support to Faculty's research endeavours and expand the research capacity and research portfolio of the Faculty.

Goals and Objectives

Encourage a vibrant and stimulating research ecosystem at the University.
Continually enhance the quality and relevance of existing graduate programs.
Promote the culture of research at both undergraduate and graduate level.
Assist and oversee the operation of College Research Committees in all colleges to promote and encourage interdisciplinary research activities among colleges.
Encourage interdisciplinary research among various colleges and departments.
Ensure consistency and compliance of all graduate programs with relevant policies.
Cooperate with various institutions in developing joint graduate programs with international academic institutions.
Develop, periodically assess, and modify policies and procedures to continuously enhance the quality of research and graduate programs at D.Y. Patil Deemed To Be University in order to meet international quality standards and achieve excellence.

Duties & Responsibility of Committee Members

To direct the student's research project and submit a grade of Successful Unsuccessful progress at the end of each term of enrolment.
To inform the student of all deadlines and milestones in the process, and make sure that the student understands all University policies related to the completion of a thesis.
Scheduled committee meetings so that committee members stay informed of the student's progress.
To read and evaluate the writing quality of drafts, intervening as early as possible with students in need of additional assistance.
To make sure that the student incorporates all revisions, corrections, and suggestions.
To provide ideas, suggesting additional or new avenues of research.
Read and evaluate preliminary drafts as necessary.
Read and evaluate the final draft.
Providing the resources to the HODs and research faculty available in the R&D Centres.
Interacting with the HODs in fixing the focus areas of the research and consultancy assignments opted by the faculty, breaking the research areas into modules and modules into mini projects, major projects.
Developing a research plan based on the proposals of each of the faculty and the Dean.

Function of the Committee

To create a conducive environment for promotion of Research & Innovation activities in the institute.
To encourage faculty members to apply for Major, Minor Research Projects, Incubation, Design and innovation Centres.
To ensure smooth functioning and effective Management of Research & Innovation activities at the institute.
To promote collaborative research.
To strengthen industry – institute interaction by promoting consultancy, testing and need based research & innovation activities in the institute.
To formulate policy on all research related matters which impact on the strategic objectives of the University.
To oversee quality assurance and improvement measures in respect of research activity, including the efficacy of research quality measures.
To establish Advisory Committees and Working Groups as required to develop and oversee policy in respect of research matters.

Procedure of Functioning

Develop, monitor and review policies relating to the University’s research activities, including research and research training.
Guide the development of the University’s strategic research priorities and objectives and monitor research performance within the framework of the University’s Strategic Planning process.
Guide, monitor, review and endorse the activities of its sub-committees.
Review, on a triennial basis, submissions for formation and/or continuation of University Research Strengths and advice on funding allocations to, and the status of, all URC-funded research groups.
Provide leadership and advice on mechanisms to improve monitoring, benchmarking and reporting of the University’s research performance.
Hold one to two events annually to facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information concerning research and research training issues for the broader research community.
Inform and advise the Academic Senate on research and research training matters as they arise.

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