Webinar on 30th September 2020

DY Patil Deemed to be University School of Law was honored to invite Res. Mohammed Rafeeque for an interactive webinar session on the topic of Laws for women and children and have him as the judge for the final round of the DY’s LEX FESTA’- National Mediation Competition. The webinar was conducted by Adv. Abhilasha Amar Mane on 30th September 2020, at 3:00 PM.
Hon’ble Mohd. Rafeeque has 30 years of experience in the field of law and is the founder of VLegal. His expertise is in the laws related to women and children. He has worked as an in-house legal team for the Airport Authority of India, Delhi International Airport, and Aircel Telecom. He is a mediator certified by the Indian Institute of Arbitration and Mediation and holds course certificates in Intellectual Property Laws and cyber laws.
When Mr. Rafeeque started his practice in law, at the time when opportunities in law were very limited. It was either choosing between a civil practice or a criminal practice. But for today’s generation, there are innumerable opportunities available. After gaining an experience of 25 years,it was an idea of training the young minds for the corporate legal world, the idea of VLegalcame up. He listed out three important traits that are a must for any person working in the legal sector. The first and the most important trait being the habit to read, the second trait being the art of patient and active listening and the third being a simple way of communication. The use of concentrated legal words should be avoided while talking to clients and subtle words should be used so that any layman could infer what one is trying to say.
Being a certified mediator, he also shared with us, his wisdom about the process of mediation. According to him mediation is an ideal replacement to the conventional litigation process and is in fact a much faster and cheaper way to resolve the disputes between two parties. During a mediation, the mediator’s role is to merely sit, listen patiently, to give no suggestions, give a little glimpse of the process. For being a successful mediator the only quality is needed to be a good listener.
For a career opportunity in law, the first step is to join the litigation, practice in court for 2-3 years and then choose a particular legal sector. This period of learning spent in courts is something that is going to lead you in your future careers.
Following the interview was the final round of the National Mediation Competition and then the announcement of the results for the entire DY’s LEX FESTA’ was also announced by Res. Mohd. Rafeeque. The competition was sportingly hosted by Ms. Lavanya Panicker and Ms. Divya Thorat. To sum up the entire session, a beautiful vote of thanks was given by Adv. Piyush Maheshwari.