The overall goal of the college is to make the maximum possible contribution towards extending and enhancing the quality of advocacy and to provide free legal aid to poor and needy people.

* To Educate individuals to become good advocates who can respond to the changing needs of the society.

* To Provide progressive , dedicated, innovative faculty and staff who understand and respond to the immediate and long-range needs of their students, the profession and society.

* To Provide strong, flexible, academic programs through which students develop proficiencies and abilities essential for the present and future leadership in the legal aspect of law.

* To Contribute through research and publication by both faculty and student knowledge underlying the vast subject of law.

* To establish and maintain a suitable environment and appropriate resources to facilitate learning.

* To Provide leadership within the profession in defining the role of the profession, the interpersonal relationship between the college and practicing professionals.

* To satisfy the need of individuals to continue their education, by providing a wide variety of courses designed to refresh and update their knowledge and skills.