Law Education and Career Opportunities in Defence

Honourable Lt. Gen Shokin Chauhan

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law on the auspicious event of 74thIndependence Day, under the guidance of Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Vijay Patil, had organized an interactive webinar session with Hon’ble Lieutenant General Shokin Chauhan. The webinar was based on the topic of “Law Education & Career Opportunities in Defense”. Hon’ble vice chancellor Dr. Shirish Patil had also graced the webinar with his presence. The webinar was brilliantly hosted by Adv. Abhilasha Mane.

Hon. Lt. Gen. Shokin Chauhan is a writer, columnist and a speaker. He is the chairman of Cease Fire Monitoring Group and has been awarded with various medals like Pratham VashishtSeva Medal, AtiVashishtSeva Medal, YudhSeva Medal, Sena Medal and VashishtSeva Medal in service. He has served as Director General of Assam Rifles, India’s oldest and largest para-military force. He was commissioned into Indian Army in the 11thGorkha Rifles in 1979 and has vast experience of Counter-terrorism operations both in Kashmir valley and North-East India and as a diplomat in the embassy at Kathmandu. He has also served as apex level in the ministry of defense.

Gen. Shokin had completed his schooling in Delhi and had then joined the National Defense Academy in Khadakwasla, Pune. After 4 years of training at the NDA camp, in the year 1979 he was posted as the Second Lieutenant in the 11th Gorkha Rifles. As a part of 11th Gorkha Rifles, Gen. Shokin even narrated few instances of bonding and unity that the soldiers shared amongst themselves. The unit was then in Sikkim and were in a fight with the Chinese. But the tenure was successfully completed and it was made sure that the territories were not invaded by them. Then he was posted in Bombay, Uri, as an instructor in NDA, then 15 years in Kashmir, 9 years in North-East. He was then selected to be an advisor at the Indian Embassy at Kathmandu. He even served in United Nations. After completing 40 years in the Army, he was selected by the Home Ministry to head the Cease Fire Monitoring Group and to make sure that peace is maintained in the north eastern part of the nation.

He also shared his experience as the Head of Counter terrorism operations in Kashmir and north-east. he explained to us that unlike at border where we can use our complete power to fight the enemy, in fighting terrorism minimum force has to be used, as such terrorist go into hiding in a civilian’s home. To make sure that no civilians are harmed, very consciously and safely steps have to be taken. The sole motto is to ensure that maximum number of lives are saved.

He spoke about the military laws, their nature and differences from civilian laws. The life of a military man is more disciplined, strict and secretive than a civilian’s life. It is in such a way to ensure that the nations security and safety is maintained. While speaking about the same he even mentioned that a lawyer can become a military lawyer. Defense employs almost 10-15 lawyers every year and any citizen who has done law, fits the age criteria, the physical fitness parameters, can be a military lawyer. Their role is to interpret the law and make sure that it is maintained in its majesty. Gen. Shokin even explained the laws which prevail during a war and said that these would mainly be the same for the armed forces.

For becoming a law-abiding citizen, Gen. Shokin shared few words of wisdom. He said that always follow your conscience. Work hard, study hard and there is no need to get into complex issues. If followed so, then one will be a very law-abiding citizen and an asset for the nation.

He also spoke about the importance of discipline. Without discipline a person is nothing. One’s body and mind should always be disciplined. He advised the students present to be very clear in their mind that with what purpose have they come in this world and then try to fulfill it passionately and discipline is going to help in doing so.