The High Court and Session Court Visit

DY Patil Deemed to be University. School of Law has arranged  High Court and Session Court Visit 25th November, 2019 for students of B.A LLB, B.COM LLB & LLB of 1st year, Semester-I with an aims to provide best quality education that exposes students to theory and legal doctrine and provides practical skills to which create excellent professional to serve our nation. Our motive is to provide fully rounded and meticulous legal education with theoretical and practical approaches to prepare top quality scholar of law profession and with this objective industrial visits to various courts are organized.


1) The purpose of the visit was to understand the working of a court, the nature of duties of the judicial officers.

2) The visit was to help the student in understanding the role of court in dispensing justice in any case, the role of prosecutors in a case, the way     cases proceed in a court, the way judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers handle the case, the relationship of the prosecutors and the police.

3) This gave an opportunity to understand the actual need of co- ordination in the justice system.