Webinar on Career in Law

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law organized counselling webinar session on “CAREER IN LAW” wherein guest was respected Mr Ramesh Sharma, IPS.

Respected Mr. Ramesh Sharma, IPS

Retired as Director General of Police,

Currently serving as Executive Director, Legacies.

Decorated with the Prime Minister’s Medal for Meritorious Service

President’s Medal for Distinguished Service,

The long career of 35 years, he has served the nation in the border and challenging postings such as Ladakh, Nagaland and Manipur.

He also served as a Diplomat in the High Commission of India, Ottawa, Canada.

He has co-authored the book ‘Combating Corruption in India’, published by the Cambridge University Press.

A thinker, writer, mentor, and coach, he speaks on a wide array of subjects including Ethics, Compliance, Security, Business Intelligence, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption, Frauds and laws of the nation.

The event commenced with very impressive and motivational introductory speech then sir shared with students, parents and audiences journey as a student prior to IPS Officer. I also gave an overview of his career of 35 years as an IPS officer, including your toughest postings. Explained and discussed what is Diplomat in the High Commission of India, Ottawa, Canada, and shared his job role of 4 years. Motivated students and parents that a law student becomes an IPS officer and  What are the benefits one will experience in the IPS if he or she is a law graduate Covered in his speech various organs of the Indian Criminal Justice System and  Where does police fit into this system along with the significant role. Sir shared the most interesting case that you have investigated.

School of law students had an opportunity to hear about his book ‘Combating Corruption in India’; published by the Cambridge University Press on the concept that Corruption is a major problem in our country. Explained importance of technology advancement, and appreciated Learning Management System (LMS), well-crafted Virtual Class Rooms, Virtual Resource Library Centre etc of DY Patil University School OF Law. Sir shared tips and advice to our law students about how to study law and qualities that need to be cultivated at the Law School. Lastly shared his role about current job profile Executive Director at Legasis Services Pvt Ltd. Respected Mr. Ramesh Sharma felicitated winners who participated in the National Paragraph writing competition “CORONAL BLURB SEGMENT 2020”.


To Watch the Webinar Session – Click Here