Webinar on Emerging Trends in Law by Ms. Roop Loomba General Counsel India and South-Asia Rolls Royce

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law had organized an interactive webinar session on 12th July 2020 with guest for the webinar was Ms. Roop Loomba, General Counsel India and South-Asia Rolls Royce.

Ms. Roop Loomba is the general counsel of India and South-Asia for the company of Rolls Royce. She is in100 top General Counsel in India, top 100 most powerful women in the legal profession, as per the World IP Forum. She has 20 years of experience in the legal profession and is the founder of Loomba Legal Services. She has the general counsel for Philips, Whirlpool, Unilever, Trade Mark operations at Castrol India LTD, advisor to Punjab Government Corporation. Ms. Roop had won 2 CEO awards and Philips Excellence Competition.


Her roles and duties as a lawyer in Rolls Royce, involves strategic business advice, contractual support, important decisions while business management, all the departments are in a way dependent on the legal department. It is a very powerful and empowering role that one performs as an in-house lawyer. She is responsible for the deployment of ethics and compliance policies in the company. Added to that is the responsibility of making the legal department functioning.

Ms. Roop also works for the panel of Punjab Government Corporations. She has also worked for the trademark cases of Castrol India Ltd. Her work was to file cases against the counterfeit of trademarks. When working with Hindustan Unilever Ltd. she had joined as a general manager. Her responsibility was to oversee 9 factories, their supply chain laws, labor laws, and litigations that would come up.

Ms. Roop had done her LLB from Punjab University. Her family was her biggest support system. She had done her Bachelors in Biotechnology and after that, she tried for Law Exam and her parents supported her decision. It was hard work and persuasion that helped her excel in this field. She strongly supports that if one is hungry for performing better then no one can hold you back. It is very necessary to enjoy your work.

Ms. Roop Loomba believes that law is the most empowering profession of all. One of her most challenging cases was a PIL she had filed where she had argued against a senior counsel. She was able to get an order against the responding party.

She even briefed about the corporate sector of law. She said that the corporate sector of the legal firms is very encouraging and accepting for women. It is a very time demanding field and would require one to invest 8-10 hours and would need to travel a lot.

Ms. Roop also discussed the importance of internships for a law student as they help a student to be ready before in hand for their corporate world. Students should take their internships very seriously. For students who are confused to choose between civil, criminal, or corporate legal aspects, Ms. Roop advised them to start their career with at least 1-2 years of court practice and keep looking out for opportunities. Keep giving interviews and never get disheartened from failures.

Ms. Roop strongly discourages Google lawyers and advises them to go thoroughly across all the written material. Students should divide their week and make sure that they visit different courts every day and start absorbing the art of precise writing. Once a student learns that they are ready for on-point drafting.

To sum up the session, Ms. Roop Loomba praised the School of Law for preparing their students for the future. The students will be equipped with the desired skill-set for e-courts, well in advance.