Webinar on Explore Careers in Cyber Law

DY Patil Deemed to be University, School of Law organized an informative webinar “Explore Careers in Cyber Law” on 20th June 2020. Our guest for the webinar was Ms N. S. Nappinai, Advocate Supreme Court of India, Founder of Cyber Sathi and advisor to Maharashtra Government for cyber safety with a conversation with Adv. Abhilasha Mane, Asst Prof School of Law.

Ms N. S. Nappinai expertise in criminal, constitutional and cyber laws. She is also the Amicus Curiae for the Supreme Court i.e. friend of the court. She has been appointed to inform the court in order to help the Court pass an informed judgement. She has even authored a book on cyber laws named “Technology Laws decoded”.

Ms. N. S. Nappinai shared her experience of the start-up of her practice in 1991. She then did 9 years of practice in Madras High Court. Her reading habit from school time itself helped her excel even further in this field. in the year 2000, she moved to Mumbai and started her practise in Bombay High Court. She had started her practise in criminal law but after shifting to Bombay, language became a problem for practising in criminal law so she then started exploring and that’s how she started her practise in corporate law with Amarchand Mangaldas Law firm.

Ms N. S. Nappinaibelieves that it is just the passion of an advocate that will help him achieve success. The best part about this field is that it is completely gender-neutral and equal opportunities are available in every sector of the legal field.

Her book was intended to democratise the field of cyber law. She has been in this sector even before the inception of IT act 2000. So she had been delivering lectures about the subject but then she realised that for imparting her years of experience to the upcoming fresher’s, it was necessary for her to compile it all in a book. The book was then released with the name “Technology Laws decoded”.

Cyber Sathi is an initiative started by Nappinai Ma’am intended to empower the masses about the knowledge of cyber laws.Ma’am also spoke about hacking and ethical hacking. She enlightened the students about the protocols each and every person using the internet should follow.Her approach towards cyber bullying and online blackmailing were exemplary.

Ms. N. S. Nappinaieven presented her views stating that for women, the field of law is the perfect one because they can start back from where they had stopped, instead of starting from the very beginning. It’s just passion that one must follow in order to excel in this field. The first few years of struggle will help you learn about the field and help understand the methodology of law. She even stressed on the importance of complete knowledge of the facts along with the law for an advocate to present the arguments confidently and effectively.

Nappinai ma’am concluded by delivering a message to the parents as well, asking them to be cyber sathi for their kids. Empower them, help them and acknowledge them about the digital bad touch as well. She even advised the kids to be cautious on social media and speak and post everything very carefully as everything is recorded and archived. Stay protected and stay safe.