Webinar on Prospects of Law

DY Patil Deemed to be University. School of Law, under the guidance of Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Vijay Patil had organised an informative webinar session “Prospects of Law: A valuable career option” on 14th June 2020. Our guest for the webinar was Hon’bleDr. Gyanendra Kumar Sharma, Director of Uttarakhand Judicial and Legal Academy and Member Secretary of Uttarakhand State Legal Services Authority, Nainital. Gyanendra Sir is a writer, researcher and an eminent personality of Indian Judiciary System. PhD in Law and has a vast experience of 35 years of services in legal field. Quoted his mantra with the students “while joining the legal services, one should join without Adamency, Arrogance and the feeling of Perfection”. Judicial Services requires kindness and generosity and he even shared a fun fact that while exercising these, our body releases oxytocin which even eases our mind.

Posting in different parts of the nation would make sure that he would also learn the local languages there which served as a beneficial point for him to connect with the people who have approached him to get justice. He also advised the students to develop good communication skills so that they are actually able to connect with the each and every section of the society. His theory of giving timely justice is exemplary. He believes that the advocates of the nation should have a consensus with the judges on how to decide the cases promptly.

Being a PhD in jurisprudence, when he was asked about his views on feminist jurisprudence, Sir said that we don’t require women empowerment. We actually need men empowerment to teach them how to treat women and leave alone giving them rights but at least allow them to exercise their rights and them independent instead of simply showing sympathy.

Believes that legal field has endless opportunities. Now the students enrolling pursue law as a passion and this is so because of a sound legal education system in India. In fact, it is number one career option in our nation currently. The Bar Council of India is also developing new plans for the capacity building of advocates. For aspirants in legal field the sky is the limit.

Shared his experiences with some of the most challenging cases he had judged in his career. He had on the very first day of his posting in Kolkata he had provided a poor family, thrown out of his house by his landlord with an advocate and a stay order so that he could at least have shelter. He even advised the young law aspirants to always shown kindness to those in need and take judicial service not as a job but as a service towards the society.

Being law students,Hon’ble Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Sharma sir suggested to explore each and every field of law in the initial years and then decide which prospect of law suits them the most. Internship plays an important role in this because it helps them get a jest of what an actual practise would look like.

For those who wish to be a judge in a law court, Sir advised them to just study 12 hour a day, every day for 6 months with complete dedication and focus, one can clear the National Judiciary Exam that too in all 28 states. Also to get a lead on others, one should score higher in the language papers.

The webinar was ended on the note that an institute is not build by bricks and walls but by students, and Sir advised the students to learn not only the theory but also the practical knowledge as well. Students are the future of judiciary in India and they are to inculcate the human values in them.

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