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Student Council and Student Council Committee

D.Y. Patil Deemed to be University, School of Management is one of the most renowned educational institutes in India with an aim to provide quality management education fulfilling the needs of the cooperate world. This university provides ample amount of opportunity for students to enhance and develop their personalities and managerial skills. They provide opportunities to manage committees, pick up new initiatives for social development and voluntary programmes while concentrating on the integral part of the university which is education.


While the university gives the platform for development the Student Council motivates and encourages students to make the best use of their time in the college. The student council of D.Y. Patil deemed to be University, School of Management is the bridge between the management and the students. This committee consist of the General Secretary, Co-General Secretary, Ladies Representative & Co- Ladies Representative, each from the MBA (Master of Business Administration) section & BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) section. The student council also comprises of the Heads of the committees of the college like the cultural committee, sports committee, placement committee, women empowerment, and the ISR committee.


The entire student council committee with the support of the college staff provides a platform for students to have not just an educational knowledge but rather a holistic development. The Cultural and Literary Committee of more than 100 students worked together in various departments to plan and organise the event.


The Sports committee also takes the initiative to motivate the students and develop in them the sportsmen spirit. They also had the Battle Ground and intra- collegiate festival event which bought different classes together for fight for the championship. Students developed their strategizing skills as well Team work. They also motivated students to participate in fund raising events.


The placement cell has organised a number of seminars and placement drives which gave students the soft skills and the grooming required in the industry. They have also organised a number of mock drills for interviews stages like the PI round (Personal Interview), Aptitude Test, Group discussion rounds and even Technical Questioning sessions. There were a number of preplacement talks for students from various companies of the industry to help them understand what the company wants and expects from them.


The Ladies Representatives along with the Guest Lecture Committee of D Y Patil University School of Management organised a Yoga Session on Yoga for the Women of the college. It provided an aimed at boosting their confidence in themselves and removing the stigma of being the Weaker Sex. The ISR Committee is actively contributing and initiating No. of social as well as corporate events inside as well as outside the institute.


Thus the student council has been instrumental in providing a platform for students to develop their personalities in various aspects.




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