A24A7103CLASSROOM: Classrooms with capacity of 100 students are not just fulfilled with technology, but designed to maximize the benefits of technology on student learning. Key elements of such classrooms include furniture designed and arranged to support collaboration, enough electrical outlets to provide adequate power supply to charge students’ and teachers’ devices. Classrooms are having white board and desk podium with additional projection screen, ceiling mounted LCD projector to facilitate multi dimensional teaching learning process.

CONFERENCE ROOM:virtual5A central air-conditioned audio-visual cum seminar hall equipped with the advanced audio-visual gadgets is availed for various academic, curricular, co-curricular and interdepartmental activities. It’s invigorated with projection screen and LCD projector having USB ports.





A24A7130The School has a Spacious, well-furnished dissection theater for practical training in Shareera Rachana (Anatomy). For the better understanding of theoretical concepts and to enhance Clinical approach of students towards patients the School has setup well equipped Kriya Sharir, Roga Nidana  Laboraties. Students are given practical training about identification of various plants, raw drugs and preparation  of  various medicinal formulations in Dravyaguna, Rasashastra and Baishajya kalpana laboratories. Also to encourage research work amongst Post graduate students and Faculty members, Central Research Laboratory having advanced technologies is fabricated in School campus.


“Libraries are the foundation for learning”
– Mark Davis



A24A7065DY Patil University School of Ayurveda has one of those libraries which is defined by its well-equipped collection of innumerous Books, National and International Journals. To enhance the Teaching learning process the library is accomplishedwith special section of rare collection of  books to foster quest in students.  Taking a step forward towards digital teaching it is incorporated with Educational CD’s and DVD’s in fields of Ayurveda and Modern.

Hospital Infrastructure

• Dr. DY PATIL AYURVED HOSPITAL is affiliated to Dr. DY Patil Ayurved College & Research Institute, Nerul.

• Hospital is well established & equipped with 152 beds with special O. T. for Surgery, Gynecology & Ophthalmology with all modern amenities.

• All the data is recorded & Maintained with the help of specialized Softwares & Computers to reduce consumption of Paper creating a Bio-Friendly Environment amongst Patients, Staff & Students.

• Highly Professional & Well Qualified Nursing & Para Medic Staff is available for serving Patients 24×7.

• General wards & Special rooms are available for all class of peoples.

• Special Panchakarma Unit deals with various Granthokata & Updated procedures for various Chronic Diseases.

• Daily approx. 200 – 220 patients are treated at OPD levels along with minor Procedures.

• Various OPDS are as follows :

KayachikitsaPanchakarmaPhysiotherapyShalyatantra Streerog & PrasutitantraKaumarbhrityatantraNetrarog ENT OPDDental OPD

• Well equipped pathology lab with all major instruments is available for service.

• Highly equipped Radiology lab is available with instruments like Digital X-RAY, USG, MRI, CT Scan etc.

• Other equipments available for service like ECG, STRESS TEST, PFT, EEG, 2D ECHO which is operated by qualified & trained staff.

• Around 10000 patients benefited by various Medical Camps arranged by Hospital in Rural & Urban areas.

• Special camps like SUVARNAPRASHAN, VASANTIKA WAMAN SHIBIR, SCHOOL HEALTH CHECK-UPS are conducted regularly by Highly qualified Doctors.

• Peripheral OPD at JNPT, Uran.

• Specialized Treatments on SKIN DISORDERS, OBESITY, INFERTILITY etc. are available in Hospital.

• Department of Panchakarma is equipped with all the Modern Facilities & Equipments useful for Panchakarma procedures.

• All the Investigations & Treatments are carried out in Charitable Rates.

• Research work is conducted by various Departments like KAYACHIKITSA, SHALYATANTRA, PANCHAKARMA and SHALAKYATANTRA etc.