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Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Designing is an undergraduate degree course in Fashion Designing, Industrial Design, Textile Design, Product Design, Fashion Communication, and many more.
The duration of the Bachelor of fashion and Apparel designing course is 4 years and is divided into 8 semesters.
Everything we do is designed to equip students with knowledge, skills and experiences that transcend the conventional and enable them to excel in every area of life, industry and society.
This course is specifically for those students who have a knack for fashion and want to learn how the fashion industry works.
The Bachelor in Fashion and Apparel Designing course highlights the different cultures and values related to the world of fashion, its sustainable and worldwide development, while at the same time tracing the ever-changing and recurring trends in the fashion world.
This course allows the students to work in the glamorous world of the fashion industry.
After completing this program, candidates can opt for numerous courses such as Master of Fashion Design, Master of Design etc.


The minimum eligibility criteria required to pursue fashion designing course is that the candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
Candidates must obtain minimum 50% aggregate marks at the 10+2 level to be eligible for this course.
Students from all streams to apply for this course.


4 Years


Students will acquire the professional and operational skills needed to execute and evaluate a Fashion and Apparel design.
Students will attain a great amount of creativity to thrive in the Fashion and Apparel Industry.
A wide range of learning activities through diverse teaching techniques form a part of the teaching pedagogy.
Students will be skilled with the art of creating questionnaires and conducting client survey that empowers them in understanding client requisites and mindset.
A unique forum for substantial research that will contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the domain of Fashion, lifestyle and Management.
Students will have an access to modern technology equipments and well-equipped labs and libraries.
You will collaborate with people in the industry to customise their outfits for a variety of formal and informal occasions.
Students will be prepared for a variety of careers in the fashion industry.

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Program Outcomes

Students adapt their artistic abilities to support their future design careers.
Develop a systematic, critical approach to problem solving at all levels of the design process.
Demonstrate professionalism by managing time to meet deadlines with quality work and effectively collaborating in teams.
Research and relate fashion design to a broader socio economic, historical, and environmental context.
Articulate design ideas verbally, visually, and digitally.
Students in our program work alongside expert, professional faculty and guest mentors, who are current and visible designers, to become educated and practiced in all aspects of the design process.
Students emerge from the Costume Design Emphasis track as relevant, creative professionals prepared for the future direction of this exciting field.


The areas of employment for students of Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Designing include both public and private sectors of the fashion industry. Both government and private apparel manufacturing companies and education sectors employ the students who have qualified the Bachelor of Fashion and Apparel Designing course successfully.
In the private sector options, opportunities are available in top Designer Houses, Top Fashion Brands, Fashion Retail Companies, Fashion Show Management Centre, Jewellery Houses, Media Houses, and Fashion Magazines etc.
The students are presented with a wide array of job prospects with both lucrative packages and opportunities in the glamour world.
Student gets to utilize the creative skill. The ability to create new and interesting items that appeal to a wide
Students get an extensive knowledge of color theory and the history of textile design.
Student can launch apparel or accessory line, which will likely start off modest but grow into a sizable enterprise over time and the designer’s brand is featured in high-profile fashion shows, which can lead to widespread recognition and even celebrity. They can have plenty of chances to travel across the world, meet with boutique owners, and establish the authority over the fashion business wherever they go.
Some of the top job profiles in fashion designing are Fashion Designer, Costume designer, Fashion Stylist, Product Developer, Trend Forecaster

DY Patil University

Key Features

Follows a pedagogical approach that integrates theory and practice, where theory and practice informs each other, following a method of learning that is holistic.
Focuses on the development and advanced application of various core concepts that inform fashion and apparel design ranging from fabric analysis, principles of design, fashion illustration, pattern making and garment construction.
Develops the individual aesthetics and creative identity of the student; encourages them to identify and expand areas of specialisation and interest.
Exposes students to the various regional and international influences, along with an investigation of the various cultural and social parameters that affect and influence fashion and its evolving practice; understanding and interpreting fashion trends and contemporary cultural dynamics that inform its forecast.
Provides students with the exposure to present their collection to a public audience including renowned personalities of the fashion industry.



Our placement department is a quintessential part of the Education University. It proactively provides a platform, which facilitates vibrant and continuous interaction between academia and industry. Internship programme are a bunch of opportunities that lead you to an affair with your dreams. It can be treated as an essential stepping-stone towards a rewarding future in terms of national and international placements.

Internship can be done for:

Photo shooting
Special Events
Wardrobe Management
Miscellaneous errands for fashion designers and stylists.
Organize samples for fashion magazines

Placement Opportunities

Upon completion of their Design studies, students will have an abundance of opportunities. They can find employment in the fashion industry, manufacturing and exporting units, or start their own business and sell their products on the market.

Bachelor of Fashion Designing & Apparel Designing students can lead to a wide range of career opportunities in the below Sectors.

Textile Export Houses
Fashion Boutiques
Work as an Independent and Self-employed
Textile or Fabric Manufacturing Units
Retail Chains
Fashion Brand Showrooms
TV and Film Industry
Teach The Course In Institutes


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